Tuesday, 23 February 2016

5P - Job 1 - Droids Part 3

Note: Have you seen parts 1 and 2 ?

The gang will be controlled by random dice throws.
1-3 Fire then Move. 4-6 Move then Fire.
1-3 Go left 4-6 Go right  or  1-2 Left, 3-4 Straight, 5-6 Right.

I roll for initiative - Our heroes win.

Turn 1

The droids march (6” advance) onto the front courtyard of the maintenance hangar, with Martin, Alex and Ted lagging behind on the right side, with no idea of the danger to come. (Pinky and Dave are still in the cockpit of the hopper, watching the news in comfort on the holo-screen, projected in front of the windows - so they cannot see out or hear whats going on outside).

Alex asks, “Will the droids all fit in there in one go ?”

Ted replies, “Sure, if there is any problems with the room, we can always get them to lie down on each other, they are tough enough not to take any damage from that, I doubt if it would even scratch their paintwork.”

In the cargo section to the east of the hangar, one of the crates doors swings open and the imfamous Scum Gang begins to emerge from their hiding place.
(Advance 5”).

Turn 2

The droids march towards the bottom of the ramp, with our team strolling along beside them.

The Gang Advance 5” and splits up.

As Pony moves through the shrubbery and sees the droids for the first time, she remarks to Pete, “Look how big those droids are, I thought that they were going to be the little ones. Where are we going to put them all ?”

Pete smirks, “Let me tell you a little secret. The bigger they are, the more we can sell them for. My mate, Rusty, we call him Rusty Gold, will take them off our hands with no questions asked. We will have to dump the hopper though, it is too big. We will have to be quick making the transfer to our transports.”

His inexperience in this sort of operation shows, as they have not finished getting into good positions, when he yells out,  "Hold it there, fools ! Those droids are ours !"

 Turn 3  (Scurry)
 “What do you want ?”.

Martin to Alex, “Stay down, I’ll try to distract them.”

He runs over to the nearest container for cover, “What do you want ?”.

Ted gets on the com to the hopper, “Somebody’s trying to rob us out here”.

Dave was shocked,”What’s going on over there ?, we were watching the news on the holo.”

Pinky turns off the holo-screen. “Oh, yes, we can see two of the rats skulking around and there is some movement in the bushes by the hangar. One has a blaster by the green crate and another woman by the rocks has a shotgun”.

Dave said, “I’ll go out the right cargo door and give them a hand. You can let us know what they are up to from here on the com.”

He puts his earpiece in and goes through the hatch. “Bolt this behind me, just in case.”

Pinky, “Will do.”

Pete yells, ”Nobody has to get hurt today, give us what we want and we will be on our way.”

Specks says, “This will wake them up to the situation”. He fires his blaster into the air.

Blade retorts, “I wanted to do that.”

Specks comes back, “Well, don’t let me stop you.”

Blade fires his blaster too, ”Yeah.”

Turn 4 (Firefight)

Pete hits a droid
Martin disagrees, “Sorry, no can do, there are folks depending on these droids and we aim to see that they get to them. So back off, before you get into trouble you can't handle.”

Pete yells, “Well then, see if you can handle this ! Let ‘em have it !”

Pony stays put and fires in their general direction. (With no effect).

Pete fires his shotgun at Ted, who has a lucky escape, as it hits a droid in front of him, with a "BLAM".
The droid issues a warning

The droid staggers slightly under the impact, then slowly turns to face Pete and explains, “I hearby inform you that I am private property, if you damage me you will have to pay a fine of 3,000 credits.”

Pete is amused by that and yells back “Your shiny tin butt belongs to me. Get used to it.”

Suzy heads towards the brick fence, to get a good shot at Dave, who she can see has just gotten out of the hopper and is walking into their trap.

Specs quietly moves to the edge of the cargo crate with Blade nervously following behind him. (Specks is peeking and Blade is in cover). Specs cannot get a good aim at Martin yet, so he holds his fire.

Blade “What can you see ?”

Martin peeks round the corner of the crate.

Specks, ”I can just see one smarty pants over by the other crate.”
Ted shoots at Pete

Ted fires at Pete, but misses as he dodges aside.

Alex gets on the Com and calls security. “This is Director Hammond. We are being attacked at Maintenance Bay 3. Armed criminals are attempting to steal a shipment of droids. We need help now”.

Security officer: “This is Pat Clark, Director. How many are there ?”

Alex, “At least four of them, in the container area to the east of us. Not sure what weapons they have, at least blasters.”
Pete shoots at Suzy

Pat,”Understood. Help is on the way”.

Dave peeks round the corner to see if things have changed from when he was in the cabin. He can see Suzy is looking menacingly at him. She might get Martin from there. He takes a snap shot at her and misses.

"Pinky, let me know which way I should move next, or if they make any moves."

Pinky, “Ok, will do, but let me know if you want me to come out and assist you. I have my shock wand with me.”

Turn 5 (Standard)

Pony gets into cover as the blast from Ted hits a tree behind her. (Hiding).

Pete goes down on one knee and fires at Ted again.

 Having taken better aim, he hits  and knocks him off his feet.      
(1 Knock Down, random roll for hit location).

Ted, “Arggh.”

Pete, “I got the ugly brute”.

Bravely, Alex dashes to him and drags Ted back into cover. (He Recovers from KnockDown on a 5.)

Ted, “Don't worry, its only a flesh wound, I've had worse”.

Meanwhile, Specks sees an opening and fires at Martin with his blaster, narrowly missing him, but hits another droid in the process.

Martin returns fire at Specks, but he hits Suzy, who had blundered into the crossfire, while trying to get a better shot at Dave.

"Uggh", Suzy drops her shotgun, holds her chest and then slumps to the floor. (Out Of Action).

Specks, “They shot Suzy”.

Blade, “I’ll get her.”

Specks, “No !”.

But Blade is very quickly on the move, going around Specks, leaping on the rock pile and over the wall.
(7" Move for extra drama).

Pinky,Dave, one thug is going for the girl Martin hit, go left to the container corner.

Dave is swiftly in position and has no trouble hitting Blade (Out Of Action), who had all his attention focused on Suzy. He collapses on top of Suzy.

Seeing two gang members go down so quickly is just too much for Specks to handle, (Despair = 2), “Oh no, they got Blade too.“

Turn 6 (Standard)

Specks heads towards their bikes, hidden behind the blue crate they were hiding in originally. “Count me out of this job, Pete, you‘re on your own from now on !"

Pete, “Yeller rat !

 He turns and fires at Specks, but misses.

Pony does not have so far to turn round and has a better line of sight with no foliage in the way, manages to get a better shot off and brings him down. (OOA).

”Gottim !”.


On hearing this, Martin and Ted break from cover and fire at Pete while he has been distracted.

Martin misses.


 Ted gets revenge on his foe, with a sweet hit."Yaaaaaa." Pete collapses into the dirt with a crack (OOA).

Pony is terrified by this raging beast running at her, who has just shot her leader, she drops her gun and runs into the trees.

Don’t let it kill me too, I give up. I give up.”

Martin and Dave carefully approach the tree she is hiding behind from either side, while Ted keeps an eye on Pete. Pinky keeps on watch for any others about.

Dave demands, “Show us your hands, now, blondie. Keep them where we can see them and stand up.”

Pony does so, still trembling with fear.

They frisk her and take her to one of the droids, which they use as a giant set of handcuffs, by getting it to hold onto her wrists.

Pinky rushes down the ramp and over to the group. “Is it always like this ? I thought civilian life would be boring.”

Martin replies, “Why don’t you stick with us and find out ? You did well today, all of you did.”

Ted agreed, “Alex certainly got me out of a tight spot, thanks again.”

Alex disagrees with him, “Nonsense, it was you protecting me most of the time."

She looks up,"Ah, here comes security now, along with a medevac hopper.”

Pinky says, “I told them we had some casualties here, I‘m just glad it was not any more of us.”.

The Medivac hopper flies off with the casualties, after they have put a dressing on Ted’s wounded arm, then two officers take Pony into custody to be charged.

“Right”, said Martin, “Lets get these droids loaded and be on our way. Alex, would you like to do the honours.”

A few precise commands are given and they are soon secure in the hopper's hold, with command authorization transferred to Martin and his crew.

Our team say their farewells to Alex, Pat and Rick; They climb aboard the hopper and after gaining clearance from the tower, take off.

With a slight wobble, the hopper takes off

The security radio crackles into life, Cy here, Sir. Just received notification from Medcenter 2.

 Officer Benson reports that Peter Janse, alias “The Poacher”, has concussion and a broken left wrist. 

Suzy Singleton, alias “The Slasher”, is currently still unconscious with deep lacerations to her head and a fractured rib.

Joe Morales, alias “Blade”, was dead on arrival at the Medcenter. Over.”

Rick replies,”Thank you Cy, Tell Benson to put them in the secure section, give their weapons and stuff to Intelligence and I’ll be over to see them later. Out”.

Alex asks, “But what about the other one ?”.

Rick looks puzzled, “What other one ?”.

Alex replied, “The other one, the one the woman with the ponytail shot over by the small containers. I thought the Medical team had took him too in all of the commotion. Is he still there ?”

“Lets find out”, says Pat.

They carefully make their way through the garden to the small containers.

 They find no body, but tracks leading to by the container with an open door, where they vanish.

The officer immediately checks in, “This is King to Control. One of the felons from the attempted Hangar Bay three robbery has managed to escape on some sort of speeder. He may be injured. I want him found. Over.”

“Yessir. I will alert all units. Control out.”

He changes channels, “King to hopper 3, be advised, one of the gang members from this morning has managed to escape. Watch your back. Over.”

“Pinky here, officer King. Thanks for the warning. Will do. Out”.
When they arrived back at The Magic Carpet, Ted went to the med bay to let Lucy check on his shoulder wound while the others got the Droids into the cargo hold.

Martin orders,"COMMAND: Droid 834, Since you like doing new things, there are three charger hoses, connect one to Droid 811 and see to it that it is fully charged, then do the other droids, in order of battery status, yourself included. After each droid has been charged, run a diagnostic program on it and save it to this pad."

He gives the droid an epad.

 "The other droids can sit along here and grasp the tether points and then go into standby mode. You will then report to the bridge. You will find all the information you need on the pad. If you have any problems ask one of us for help :End Command. Understood, 834 ?"

Droid 834, "Understood, Martin."

Martin,"Then you can begin, 834, and call me Captain, not Martin".

Droid 834, "Yes, Captain not Martin.", he pauses for a moment,"Only kidding, Captain."

Martin, "That will be all, 834.", but he was smiling as he turned and headed for med bay.

In the Med bay, Lucy gives the Captain a warm greeting. "Hi Martin, come to check up on our hero, Ted here ?"

She pats him on his good arm.

"There has been no long term damage done to him, but he is just on light duties, like eating, once he gets out of here. Which will be in about ten minutes, after I change his bandages, so scoot and let me finish off, while YOU can prepare lunch."

Martin retreats, "Yes Doc. Glad you're going to be ok, Ted."

"Thanks, Captain."

Martin goes to the bridge and flicks on the shipwide com..

"Good news, bad news, People,"

"Good news, Lucy says Ted is going to be fine."

"Bad news, its my turn to do lunch."

He pauses.

 "Good news, I'm taking us all to 'The Admiral's Table' tonight, on me".

He hears assorted shouts of delight coming from the crew.

In the cargo hold, Droid 834 wonders to itself, "Does that include me ?"


Sunday, 14 February 2016

Production of Droids pt3

I have added photos of Pinky and Rose to their character information slots.

I have just started taking pictures of Droids part three.I don't know how long it will take to finish, though. The first couple of pictures are included at the end of part two to show the improved set.  I had just finished moving everybody on Turn 2, when I had to recharge my camera battery. Not to waste time, I have written up the first two turns set of notes though.

Turn 4 was a fire fight. I have checked the weapon stats and ranges in the 5 core rules, plus the odd print out of notes. I had to redo part of turn 4 as I had moved then fired instead of just firing.

I was having a slight computer problem, but I think I have it fixed now. I will continue to add bits as and when I progress through the fight.

I am now on to Turn 5, with our first casualty of the fight ! Who can it be ? I'm not saying, just yet.

I have just been typing up my notes up to turn 4, I think I missed out a couple of shots, but I can easily roll for that.

Phew, that's the actual game over with. Now to finish off the narration, sort and pick the photos, add special effects (which I have never tried doing before), decide what goes where and  then publish it.

The narration of the game itself is done, but getting the pictures aligned is causing me a slight problem, and the FX is complete.

So just a few final tweaks and I am done.

Posted, at last. I did add a bit on at the end,  I have still got to work out what the next installment might be.


Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Thoughts on Star Wars The force awakens (Spoilers)

Hi all,
           My thoughts or should it be questions, on the greatly awaited blockbuster, Star Wars VII - The Force Awakens. I am not meaning any disrespect here, but I, unlike many of you, have not been delving through the many science fiction magazines on the market trying to get the latest scoop or speculation on where the film would take us. I have not read the mountain of fictional material out there, mainly because of a lack of time, not of interest.

 I do have friends who, probably like many of you out there, have watched the films many times, who know the cannon backwards, can quote deleted scenes word for word and have met quite a few of the actors on the various conventions and tours. ( I have met Kenny Baker and Dave Prowse, along with assorted real astronauts, including Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin, the second man to walk on the moon).  My point being that I am not a total novice to the Star Wars Universe.

             My first question is, where were all of the new spaceships I was expecting ? Why were the rebels still using X-wings and Y-wings ? They were obsolete back in the day of SW IV, as was the Millennium Falcon. They should at least be in A and B-Wings. Where was the scientific innovation in the 30 years since then ? Even if it was done in some secret labs somewhere ? The Empire seemed to have managed to build "The Death Star on steroids", why not the rebels ? On a similar tangent, why not make 4 death stars for the same effort it took to build "Fatty" ?

           My second question relates to the character of Finn, the reformed storm trooper. Part way through a battle, he gets a light saber and uses it !! I thought you had to be force sensitive to be able to use them ? Ok, assume he is, but he has had no training in the ways of a Jedi and feeling the force etc. yet he is deflecting blaster rays etc like a pro, pure rubbish if ever there was some.

           Question number three,  Kylo Ren - The latest caped Skywalker baddie, Whats with the mask old chap ? You don't need it. The only reason Mr. Vader had it was for medical reasons.

            Question four, Whats up with our Luke ? There he is, just sitting alone on a planet in the middle of nowhere, just 'cause he made a slight boo-boo with Kylo's training and he went bad apple ? Be a man. Don't just sit there sucking your thumb, go and fix it now, not wait till someone comes along to hold your hand how many years later. Yes, yes, I know, he will be doing it in the next two films, but that's not the point. He is supposed to be helping the resistance, between you me and the gatepost, he's failing miserably on that front.

             Question five,  Since when do robots in general sulk ? ("Marvin" from Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy is an honorable exception).  Yes, I do mean small blue and white dustbin features. Shame on you, R2. Scrapping's too good for you. I hope BB-8 does better.

             Question six, Why was there no Jedi training for Leia ? A waste of talents, although some might say that least she has been doing something useful with her time.
            I did hear that Disney Studios wanted to "re-do" Star Wars. I do think that they achieved that, but did they do too good a job of it ? Rather too samey for me, I'm afraid. On the plus side, the monster / special effects generally were very good, especially in 3D. The characters were interesting, as you would hope.

            Thanks for letting me share my ponderings. If you have any answers to my questions (even if you think I have got something wrong, I won't be offended) or for that matters other questions that you have too, just pop them in the comments box below.