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5P - Job 1 - Droids Part 2

Previously  - An electronic voice piped up from the back of the droids, "I'm not going anywhere !"
In the Maintenance Warehouse

(Actually Cybermen from Dr.Who)
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It continued, "I like it here, there are all the nice pipes and floors I get to clean. I see interesting life forms. I can repair all sorts of machinery. That is Final !"

Alex said,"Oh dear,it must have got bumped on the head on the way over here. One of its command circuits must have got crossed."

Ted replied, "Don't worry, boss, I can fix it in no time".

On hearing this, the droid starts to back away from the trio, "No-one is going to "FIX" me!" 

The captain waves Ted down,"I can handle this.", he raises his voice," There is no need to worry, we won't try to fix you."

The droid asks, "Promise ?".

"I promise. Nobody is going to harm you. If you don't want to come with us, that's fine, we won't force you to come with us. But, have you thought of what you are missing out on ?".

He pauses to see if this gets a reaction.

After a few more moments, the droid pipes up,"Uh, missing out on ? What do you mean by that statement ?".

The Captain smiles, "Sure, did nobody tell you where you are going to ?"

The reply came back, quieter, "No.".

"Well, we live in a starship, that has lots of intricate parts and things that need cleaning and occasionally fixing. Some of that you could help with. We get to see lots of new worlds and meet interesting life forms, like Ted here." He points to his crew mate.

The droid contemplates for a moment,"So, the facts are these, that if I come along, I can stay with you and see lots of interesting planets and people ?".

"Yes, you can stay with us."

The droid advanced through the pack,"Its a deal. I have seen a custom among you. Shake on it ?" It held out its hand.

"Sure", said the Captain. They shook hands.

Ted is surprised at how well and quickly the boss managed to defuse the delicate situation. "Can we go now ?".

The droid shakes its head, "No".

"No, why not, Droid ?"

"Droid number 47546811 reports that it is rather low on power and needs to recharge.", complains the droid.

Ted gives the equivalent of a smirk, one lip raised,"We can soon fix that for you on the ship we are going to now, we have standard charge points fitted, It can top up there."

The droid copies his gesture, "That is acceptable. I like you, you can call me 47546834". 

It looks at Alex,"Can we go now ?".

She replies, "Sure, But how about we call you 834 instead. COMMAND: Lead the way outside to the hopper pad 1 departure point, 811, then stop. All other droids, proceed in good order and form up behind 811.END COMMAND".
Droids Going Outside (old layout)

(Cybermen from Dr.Who)
Copyright (C) BBC.
The BBC is not responsible for external sites.
Droid 811 marches outside into the warm sunshine, followed by the other droids in double file, who were keeping up with it easily.  Alex, Ted and Martin followed afterwards.

Martin remarks to Ted, "I think you have made another friend."

Ted shook his head, "When I see a droid looking like me, then I'll celebrate."

Martin froze,"That's brilliant. It could be a whole new industry. Custom made droids for sentients, looking like those sentients, not just us. It might take a while to take off. I wonder if we could get some design engineers out here to check what could be altered easily ? The programming software would have to be altered too,  that might be the harder part, but its possible."

He caught up with the others and slapped Ted on the back, "Well done, You've just earned a bonus.".

They had just emerged into the daylight again, when suddenly a harsh voice rang out across the plascrete, "Hold it there, fools ! Those droids are ours !"

(To be continued in part three.)

"Who is it, I wonder, that dares take on our brave heroes ?"

Long range shot of them emerging

Alex Hanson on left, Martin, Tony and droids.

(Here are two shots from the upcoming episode with the improved layout.) 


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