Saturday, 23 April 2016

Alumwell Show 2016 Pictures

Hi all,
           Here are my pictures from the Midland annual Alumwell Show 13th March 2016. As usual, there were quality efforts by all of the clubs to put on fantastic displays and run demo battles. My apologies for not having many details of the clubs doing the displays or the subject matter involved, but you might be able to track them down on the Alumwell Website. I hope they give you some ideas for your next layout.


Village Life

Elst, near Arnhem.

"Charge !"

A futuristic setting for an Infinity Rules skirmish.

Egyptian area.

30.5 cm Howitser  1/11/1916

Industrial area.

Defenders well dug in.

Defend the Airport

"Bandit at Two O'clock"

A sleepy little village.......

Perhaps not.

"To the barracades !"

"Have a care.....Fire !"

Assorted yokels....  Errmm  I mean ..trained militia.

"Its your round !"

Market day in the village.

"Get them pigs out of the way  !

Objective - Capture the King in the coach (He has just crossed the bridge)

Clip clop clip clop.

"All these posh folks are always in a hurry ."

"I bought the last pint."

"..... so I thought lamb stew again tonight."

Can they stop the coach ?

"Oi, you've knocked my hat orf !".

"This riding lark don't harf make you thirsty, I could murder a quart right now."
In case you were wondering, he did manage to escape.

Slightly more modern transport.
Yer actual bit of kit, lovingly restored

Advert - I hope you went along.

Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Thoughts on Batman v. Superman (Spoilers)

A friend and I caught a showing of the recent DC blockbuster Bat Person v Red Cape Man in glorious 3D. I am very glad to say that the 3D special effects were tastefully shot, so it did not detract from watching the action, but in some places the soundtrack was a bit too loud for my liking.

            Flashbacks were included for Batman's origin, in case you were not familiar with it, (I would think most people going to see the film would know Batman's history, except the very young age group, which was probably not its main target audience). It did serve to show how his life had been influenced by tragedy and loss.

           I think that the actor cast to play Lex Luthor should have been older, but to be fair, he did give a reasonable portrayal of the baddie. No doubt he will be back to wreak revenge on our heroes at a later date.  The plot is a bit contrived, in that our very own Supie  is getting a bit out of hand when scrapping with all of these nasty, ill-behaved villains that crawl out of the woodwork, he is doing more harm than good. So, lets just protect ourselves and our real estate, bump him off before he wrecks the planet, because if there's any planet wrecking to do round here, that's our job. (Pun intended).

            But, I ask myself and you may too, what would they do the next time a super baddie turns up from another planet, flaunting his muscles in public. Doh, To coin a phrase.

          So basically, its another turn your brain off and enjoy the fight film. The special effects were well done, as usual. The entry of another superhero in the film is a bonus.

We give it a Bat-tastic score of 8 out of 10.

Ivor Cogdell