Thursday, 29 June 2017

5P - Job 1 - Hologame part 6

Hi all,
This is my sixth and final installment of the first Holo-game in the lounge of the Spaceship Magic Carpet.

The remaining players.

                                   Armour                                   Snap Fire            Aimed              Combat
                 React Exposed Cover      Weapon      Range  to hit     Range to hit      Hit    Parry Speed
Lucy             8           7           10       BP + Knife         8       1D+1      16       1D+2    2D+2               3
Sgt Ted       10          8           10       BP + Chain        8       1D+1      16       1D+2    2D+3     P
Gus              8           7           10       BP + Knife         8       1D+1      16       1D+2    2D+2
(-2 to hit rolls)

Squad 2 100 PTS
Martin         8            7           10        BP + Knife        8        1D+1      16        1D+2   2D+2
Chris           8            7           10        BP + Knife        8        1D+1      16        1D+2   2D+2
Pinky           8           7            10        BP + Knife        8        1D+1      16        1D+2   2D+2
Harry           8           7            10        BP + Knife        8         1D+1      16        1D+2   2D+2              4

Warrior     7            11          11       Deathspitter        8         1D+5      24        1D+5  2D+6               6

Extra Action Table D12 Roll              Actions
1-4 = 0                                                  Charge = Speed +2 (No shoot, can attack
5-8 = 1                                                                  (cost 1 square of move))
9-12=2                                                 Advance= Speed (Can Snap shoot, can attack
13-16=3                                                                (cost 1 square of move))
17+=4                                                  Ready Weapon = Move 1 square (Optional)
Sgt gives +2 to extra action rolls.        Take an aimed shot or throw grenade. Enter Overwatch status.
                                                             Reload= Reload weapon.
                                                                            Move 1 square (Optional).
                                                                            No attacks.

For other stats and House rules, see part one.

Turn 13

Roll for extra actions. 8 +2 =10. So 2 extra actions are available.

Squad 1

                                                                        Exposed       Hit Points
Forebrain (Right)                                                   6                  3
Aftbrain (On green nutrient slab)                           5                  3

Lucy, Sgt. Ted and Gus advance into the next chamber. It contains two sections of material and a warrior behind the second element.

(1-3=Warrior, 4-6 =Aft Brain).
Lucy fires at the (3) warrior, but (8,2). Both miss.
Gus fires at the warrior (10-2=8,8-2=6). Both miss.

Sgt. Ted fires at the Warrior (1 – Out of ammo). He uses an Extra action to throw his last Frag grenade while he reloads. The grenade lands just beyond the warrior, it goes off and the warrior is not injured, but is stunned by the blast.

Gus uses an Extra action to advance to Lucy and throws one of her frag grenades. It hits the middle of the brain, but rolls off to one side before it explodes.

(Both parts of the brain are in the blast radius, frag attack roll of 10, both parts take 1 point of damage.)

Squad 2

The outsides of the brains have been blackened by the fragmentation grenade. Pinky hears the firing and the grenades going off, so he charges into the room where the party has recently entered and the smoke is drifting out of.

 Martin, Chris and Harry charge forward along the passage, hoping they can be of help.


Another violent shudder goes through the ship. The warrior slowly backs up and starts to turn around. The blip is telepathically stunned, but gradually makes its way towards the entrance.

Turn 14

Roll for extra actions. 10 +2 =12. 2 extra actions available.

Squad 1

(1-4 = Forebrain, 5-6 =Aft Brain, 7-8 = Warrior, 9-10 = Miss).

Lucy aims a quick burst at the warrior, but a shockwave passes through the room as she fires, (6) and hits the Aft brain, damaging it further, 1 hp left. The second (4) hits the forebrain, it has 1 hp left also now.

For Gus (1-3 = Forebrain, 5-7 =Aft Brain, 8=miss, 9-10= Warrior, 11-12 = Miss).

Gus aims at the warrior, but he (12) misses the warrior by a fraction, his second shot hits (7), but (2) bounces off its carapace.

Sgt.Ted advances slightly to get a better shooting angle and then lets off a volley at the warrior.

(1-9 = Warrior, 10 = Miss).(7,2,9,3,1 – 5 hits scored, 9,6,3,9,11). The last shot hit a vital spot and the warrior crumpled to the ground. 2 Victory Points.

Squad 2

Pinky lets off a volley at the two brains.
(1-3 = Forebrain, 4-5 =Aft Brain, 6 = Miss).
d6-(3,6,5,2,1,1-5 hits).
D12-(3,5,4,6,8), Both brains destroyed. 20 Victory Points.

The ship gives a judder and then stops vibrating.

(Extra Actions not used.)

Another Warrior appears, staggering around the corner, armed with another Deathspitter. It squirts acid at Pinky, who it sees is the most recent threat. (9+5) This causes an extra drain on his shields, now down to 1.
Gus also gets splashed by acid, (8) he shudders with the pain. Now at -3 to hit.

Turn 15

Roll for extra actions. 2 +2 =4. No extra actions available.

Squad 1

Lucy fires first (11 +1) and hits at a vital spot, killing the final Warrior. 2 Victory points.

The End.

The Scores

Martin - 6th with 2 Points.
Dave - 5th with 3 Points.
Lucy – 4th with 4 Points.
Ted – Third with 12 Points.
Chris – Second with 14 Points.

The Winner with 24 Points – is Pinky.

There you go, all finally done. It took slightly longer than I expected, but as you can see in Pause 8, "Life" had stubbed my toe. The "Aft Brain" was hand sculpted from clay. GW models were from the "Rogue Trooper" era. The bolt blasts were cable ties. Please hit the G+1 button if you enjoyed the fun. Thanks for taking the time to follow this to the end.


Saturday, 24 June 2017

Pause 8

Hi all,
          I have hit a real life snag, as you do from time to time. as I am having a new bathroom installed, new plumbing, fittings, a shiny new bath and shower installed, tiled floor and walls (I took ages to pick the tiles, lol).

           The electrics are half done, a wire from the bathroom runs under the floorboards downstairs to my mains area, a safety isolation switch has to be added yet, but first I need a new fuse box to be fitted by my Electric company as the installed one is out of date by 40-odd years. (Still no news after a fortnight, I will give them a prod again. Their reply - Any electrician can do it. So that's another hurdle overcome)

           (Good News) I have cold running water again, for the time being, sheer bliss. More pipework needs to be done for the washbasin. The bath is installed, but the taps are still loose (Need fixing to the bath itself.)
            (Bad news) The water board are outside doing maintenance and are prone to cut the water off at no notice, such is their hobby.

          This will make me a very happy bunny once it is all finished, but it is slowing me down, game wise. I am doing a landscape painting as well, so am torn between the two hobbies. I usually make stuff / paint minis / play until inspiration strikes, then swap over to my landscape painting
            I have just completed my sixth and final episode of my first 5 Parsecs Hologame and that is now online.

          I have completed painting my Dwarf warriors, I  have just done the game stats for them and their travelling companions, and have almost finished with the baddie teams (yes teams). I have got most of my nasties painted (pics coming soon). I have posted pictures of the battleground to be fought over, now much improved.

           I am doing a bit of paper terrain and adding foam board for strength. I have added extra details on it, but some bits still need painting.

That's my status at this time, whats known as snail mode, but I am progressing.

Another bit of good news is that I have an invite to go to a gaming session with a mate, but the date has yet to be confirmed. I will report on that when it happens.

Regards all,


Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Painting Dwarf Warriors Part 4

Hi all,
         Here are the results of another painting session, the warriors are now complete, apart from the odd tweak or touch up that may be needed.

The standard Bearer.

The Chief.

The Battle Horn.

The Champion.
Now to get started on some opponents......


Thursday, 8 June 2017

WIP - Painting Dwarf Miniatures Part 3

Hi all,
           Here are my next bunch of snaps of my Fantasy Dwarven Skirmishers, for an upcoming scrap I am planning.

Rear View

Added more details to the banner.

Beards and details added.

 Massed warriors.

I have distressed the leftmost Dwarf's shield and axe to give him battle damage.


Monday, 5 June 2017

5P-Job 1 - Hologame Part 5

Hi all,
This is my fifth installment of the Hologame in the lounge of the Spaceship Magic Carpet.

The remaining players.

Squad 1 100 PTS    Armour                       Snap Fire       Aimed          Combat
                React Exposed Cover Weapon       Range to hit    Range to hit     Hit Parry Speed
Lucy            8           7          10    BP + Knife        8       1D+1      16     1D+1  2D+2              3
Sgt Ted      10           8          10    BP + Chain       8       1D+1       16     1D+1 2D+3    Y
Gus             8           7           10    BP + Knife       8       1D+1       16     1D+1 2D+2
(now -2 to hit rolls).

Squad 2 100 PTS
Martin       8            7         10      BP + Knife       8 1D+1 16 1D+1 2D+2
Chris         8            7         10       BP + Knife      8 1D+1 16 1D+1 2D+2
Pinky         8            7         10      BP + Knife       8 1D+1 16 1D+1 2D+2
Harry        8             7        10       BP + Knife       8 1D+1 16 1D+1 2D+2                              4

Extra Action Table D12 Roll Actions
1-4 = 0 Charge = Speed +2 (No shoot, can attack
5-8 = 1 (cost 1 square of move))
9-12=2 Advance= Speed (Can Snap shoot, can attack
13-16=3 (cost 1 square of move))
17+=4 Ready Weapon = Move 1 square (Optional)
Sgt. gives +2 to extra action rolls. Take an aimed shot or throw grenade. Enter Overwatch status.
Reload= Reload weapon.
Move 1 square (Optional)
No attacks.

For other stats and House rules, see part one.

Turn 11

Roll for extra actions. 1 +2 =3. So no extra actions.

Squad 1

Lucy finds her comrades. Ted tells her to go the other way, as they have checked all the area in there. She retraces her steps and turns left at the junction, glancing at the body to make sure it is not moving.

Sgt. Ted leads Gus back down the passage towards Lucy.

Squad 2

Martin yells for help at the trapped room entrance, Pinky and Harry rush back to Martin. Harry does not quite make it in time, but Pinky adds his strength to Martin's efforts to open the door. (Door strength weakened, now 11.) Roll 9 + 2 Strength= 11.
With a “SCWLAPP” the doorway springs open. Luckily the tentacles had not grown long enough to grab onto Chris. They pull him to safety, while the hole expands a bit larger, then starts to shrink, as it senses its prey has escaped. 2 Victory points.


Lucy's sensors report another large chamber ahead, but with the other vibrations going on around the ship, it is masking any life forms that would otherwise show up.

Turn 12

Roll for extra actions. 7 +2 =9. 2 extra actions.

Squad 1

Lucy advances towards the doorway, followed by Sgt. Ted and Gus.

Squad 2

Pinky leads the rest of the squad towards the Squad 1 locator beacons. 
Extra Actions – He moves forward (1) and opens the door (2).

 Sgt. Ted sees the door opening, reacts too quickly, turns and fires.

 (10) A hit, Pinky's armor goes down by one, to 3.


Lucy's scanner seems to be playing up, giving inaccurate readings. 

There is no way to tell how many creatures is behind the door.

 The vibrations continue to be felt through the spongy floor surface. Lucy listens at the doorway, but she is unprepared for her proximity to cause the door to spring open wide !

That is where we have to leave Part 5........

You can catch up on the other four installments if you have missed them.
If you liked them, please press the relevant G+1 button.
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P.S. Based on Warhammer 40K "Advanced Space Crusade", Copyright 1990 Games Workshop Ltd. All rights reserved.