Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Notice Board 1 Update 3

Hi all,
          Just a quick note. I am slowly progressing with my latest entry, a three way scrap in Mordheim. Thanks to Richard for hosting the event and Martin and Richard for pitting their Mordheim fellows against my scruffians and others. Hopefully, it should not be too long before posting. We will be using new terrain for the games. Steve will be joining us in later games.
           I have also been painting some more peasantry for Mordheim to chew on, along with how to do a small water feature, now posted.

Update 25th March - Another battle has taken place, so I have more work to do.

Update 30th March - Another battle has taken place, I am running behind.

Update 20th April - Another battle has taken place, I am running way behind.

Update 26th April - I have added the pictures to my first edit, but I need to add the text for it, apologies. Another distraction, I have just bought season 1 of  Star Trek Discovery and rationing my way through that good stuff.

Update 28th April - Now posted. Click Below.

Three way Mordheim scrap

Regards all,

Ivor Cogdell

Saturday, 16 February 2019

Free Rules

Hi all,
          Just a quick shout out to ED at Two Hour Wargames. He has updated his freebies to the latest rule set, how cool is that! You can get fantasy and modern rules on his website. Look out for "Swordplay", the fantasy rules (2015 and 2018 versions) and Chain Reaction 3.1. the core rule set that can be used for modern stuff tryouts to see if you like the system.
          I do plan to use Swordplay rules in my Mordheim setting to see how it plays in solo mode, I also have the Frostgrave Rules from Osprey to try out, I am still digesting them at the moment.


There is a great forum if you are stuck on anything.



Ivor Cogdell

Thoughts On - Alita Battle Angel.

Hi all,
           The story is based on an Anime Graphic Magazine or comic. A robot with a "hidden past", tries to find out who and what she/it is. The 3D graphics coming from the studios were top notch as usual, acting / script was a bit weak and soppy at times. The underlying plot reminded me of the recent film "Ready Player One", the underdog against the big masters. To be fair, it is aimed at the younger teen audience and I am slightly older than that to say the least. I did enjoy it and will be looking out for part two, that's what its all about.

Score - 6 out of 10.

Ivor Cogdell